Mjøderiet consists of five fiery enthusiasts from Bergen, Norway, with a passion for mead - an ancient beverage which during recent years has begun to return to Nordic palates.

We have diverse backgrounds coming out of the Norwegian home brew and beer enthusiast scene, and Mjøderiet's ambition is to revitalize mead in Norway and internationally. We believe more and more people are ready to join the international development in which mead has made a comeback in several countries. We think mead is a tremendously exciting beverage, with a huge potential. Mjøderiet seeks to spread knowledge about, revive classical styles and experiment with new and adventurous flavors.

We have one foot in the old mead tradition, in which we try to resurrect ancient flavors and age-old recipes, while the other is in the new craft beverage culture, focusing on experimentation with fruit, berries, spices, different carbonation levels and alcohol strengths.

Mjøderiet wants diversity. We want quality. We want true passion for noble drinks, for honey painstakingly collected by hard-working bees, for real fruits and berries, for flavorful spices and herbs. We want thrilling new flavor combinations. We want Mead to the People.